February 3rd

wow. i haven't updated in a long time. sorry for that.

to fill in the blank dates...

we went on a tour. i was going to use my G10 and get video of the whole adventure but it broke the first hour on the road. needless to say, it was one of the best times of my life. [ooowwwwooo, aahhwooo!!! BARK BARK!!]

i started school back up. the classes are going great. it's really strange getting an education in photography. it doesn't feel like work at all. my assignments are only helping me get better at what i love to do. strange how school works like that when your interested... take a hint high schools!

we also played a show at the metro in chicago. it went really well. we all had a lot of fun. there may be some videos floating around from that night so i'll try to post some.

thats about it for right now. there are some photo projects coming up so i'll have some more to post soon.