YouTube Journey

so this is the youtube journey a just ventured on and came out a changed human.

first... a classic search for bon iver. came across one of the most moving performances i've ever seen. such a close group of people, singing and being in such a moment together that they can all shout in harmony.

then i stumbled upon this girl, kina grannis. she did a cover of a bon iver song and i was expecting a crap performance but her voice is crazy good. i started watching her videos and she also covered one of the best jon foreman songs, "let that be enough".

finally, in the mood for some switchfoot, i watched the video for their song "stars". now, under any other condition, i would say playing your instruments in the rain is cheesy and overdone... but... they took it to a new level. this video is so fun to watch. well done boys, well done.