March 13th

yesterday was really cool. the ppani meeting was about six hours long and nothing but photo talk.

it was a lot of fun. the speaker was a senoir/misc. portrait shooter. the main thing i got from him was if you want to make a lot of money, shoot senoir portraits. it's crazy how much people will pay to do what he does. it was a good, long day.

today i went on a shadowing day with Valerie Tobias from the northwest herald.

i went with her to different locations and got to see what the job is like on a daily basis.

it was a lot of fun. first we went to a school and took some shots of playground stuff, and then to a horse barn where they help re-strengthen muscles and joints for disabled people.

being a photo-journalist would be a lot of fun but also a lot of "work" (i guess its not really work if you enjoy what your doing). basically living out of your car, on the road all the time, always off to the next location for the next shoot. i loved it though.

now tomorrow its back to school. askl;agfja;df.