November 2nd

today was really fun.

got out of school early. to catch a 2 o'clock train but we ended up taking a 4 o'clock one so i got to relax for a while.

once in chicago, we found our way to the vic to see magnet and stars.

the doors open and the line starts moving in. corey says "jake, magnet's not playing tonight."

:wait, ADD taking over. steadier footing by death cab just came on my itunes shuffle and gave the most calming feeling. i cant explain it. wow. very happy right now.:

anyways back to the story... so there was a sign posted on the door that magnet couldn't make it tonight do to some complications.

after yelling, screaming, and throwing a temper tantrum, in my mind, i tried to enjoy the rest of the night.

one day i'll get to see the genius that is magnet. one day.