July 30th

today we practice with my brother and learned some of his songs for a globas show we are having. we need a lot more practice but im really excited to play a show with him and his songs.

we stopped at tommy's and had a bite to eat.

after our stomachs couldn't take anymore we headed over to this amazing lake. no one ever goes there so the water is super clear. its kind of hidden but we could still get into trouble if we got caught. we had stay quiet.

we made our way across the lake to one of the islands and clamed it. it felt like we were the first people ever to set foot on this empty land.

if it got more crazy and we had a conch shell, it would have felt a lot like the story of kids stranded on an island with nothing but panic to keep them busy.

we made it back home safe and sound. the cops just aren't quick enough to catch us.

later i headed to rachels with evan and we played a quick game of mario cart on her wii. man i suck at that game. 3rd place everytime.

back home and off to bed.