April 1st

wow, school tomorrow.

i think i'm ready. not as in..."i'm ready for classes and i have all my homework done" but as in "i'm ready to have my days filled with people and teachers"

i dont think i'm mad we have to go back, just a little worried. i have to start doing more.

:bands to hear:

nada surf: i love how symbolic his lyrics can get, yet also can be so blunt.

coldplay: alright, i know these guys aren't new news and are obviously in no need of promotion but the music is so amazing. i watched a story tellers of them on t.v. and it put me in a coldplay mood. theres something about watching a band perform that gets you captured. they show how they feel in the song and it makes it come alive.

i think if your not good at relating to the crowd and you just play a song or a set like your obligated to, you dont have a chance in music.