April 14th

this is a remake of a very good photographer named scott mutter. i had to remake a picture of his for a photos 2 project so i chose this one. its not my best work so i'll work on it to make it better and i'll post it later.

i got a banjo today. kyle took some pictures of me with it so you can check those out on his blogspot. its really fun to play and i can feel some good songs coming out of it.

i watched borat with my mom and dad tonight. it wasnt the most comfortable situation but they still laughed at some of the parts. i also watch a documentary about a musician named daniel johnston. it was really good. i'm starting to notice with every documentary i watch about music, the more i start to pull songs apart. when i listen to a song now, i dont just listen to it as a song. i listen for specific instruments and the little details that the artist put in to accent that certain part of the song. i guess when i watch what a person, or band goes through to put what they feel to a melody makes the song that much more enjoyable.

i dont know if this makes sense to you or not but i just felt like writing it anyway.