April 13th

so i finally got photoshop. i dont want to make all my pictures like this. i think evan already has that covered and he can do a way better job anyway.

anyways, i have become very bitter towards kids in my school because of some idiot in my commons hour. some jerk thought it would be a good idea to steel my ipod (well it was kind of coreys). i cant even begin explain how mad i am. i cant get through the school day without music. i love having that feeling in the halls that i'm in a movie or something. like i have my own soundtrack. it just put me in such a better mood, and it got me through the day but thanks to some crook not anymore. its going to be tough.

i'm hoping to see somebody in the halls with it and just totally bust them. just call them out and be like "hey, thats my ipod!" and then chase them down and tackle them. then grab the ipod and just look at him. make him sweat. one day. i'll find it.