March 2nd

(X-xtra gum)

tonight i saw julias play for the third time and i have to say, it never got boring. it was a really good play.

after that corey, cobey, sarah, julia and i went to see Zodiac. it was so freaking good. it was super long but the fact that it was so good made it go by faster. it was really scary but some parts were really funny too. i want to buy it when it comes out on dvd.

then, to steak and shake for some food. it was a lot of fun. the picture of corey with the staw... doesnt he look exactly the same as cobey? look at coreys blog spot and look at the picture, then look at this. its creepy.

then, after all this we went back to bienerts house and had a photo shoot with coreys sweet lights(evan, you probably regret selling them now).

the wound down and i fell asleep to some acoustic music.

great day.