March 11th

today we cleaned out our crawl space and came across some great memories.

we found an old pink pouch with a ton of old letters.

my mom had kept the love letters my dad had gave to her and some that she wrote him. she got really embarrassed and took them away. but not before we got a peak at a few of them.

i dont know how to explain the feeling, but it was... comforting? my parents were once young. they got butterflies when they saw eachother, they had a first kiss, they went on dates and went through everything i will.

its wierd how much we dont listen to our parents. they know what its like. they have lived life for a lot longer.

i guess it was just cool to see something of the past that has everything to do with how i got here.

oh, and that picture of cobey... well thats the first check in the 100's we've gotten in a really long time. we were very happy.