March 10th

this morning, on the way to the shows, we drove in my car, with the windows down! it felt so good. the cool breeze brought me so much joy. i blasted some wilco and felt so free. like the weight of the snow was finally off.

the shows went really well and we had a great time. we met a lot of nice guys and great musicians. thanks martine for giving us a chance to play with some great musicians and great singers.

then, after the show we went back to the bienerts and wished carey a happy birthday.

by the way.....happy birthday carey!

this guitar belongs to my brother matt. its so cool. it looks like its from the 50's or something. its called a danelectro.

i never really know how to take a good picture of a guitar without making it look like im trying to sell it on ebay. i hope this doesnt look like i'm trying to sell it on ebay.