Oliver Boll


I visited my brother and sister-in-law in New York a few months back to meet my first nephew, Oliver. I'm so proud of them for the lives they live and the positive impact they have on every one they meet. I know Oliver will grow up surrounded by love and understanding, patience and guidance from these two wonderful people that have shown me all these things, countless times, over the years. Proud uncle, brother, son, and friend. 

Eyes To The Wind '17

Back in August, my cousin and I took a road trip across the states. I needed to get my bike from Chicago to my new home in LA so I invited Zack to help me out with the travel. He graciously let me set the pace on my cb750, maxing out around 75-80mph. Otherwise his Harley wouldve torn past me and left me stranded in the weeds. I didnt take nearly enough photos during the trip, I'll tell myself its because I was more concentrated on soaking in the experience. I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to do this together, and I cant wait to make this an annual adventure.

Skate LA

Ive been very fortunate to meet some amazing folks out here in LA these past few months. Sierra Prescott was introduced to me through a mutual friend back in Chicago. She's an amazing person/skateboarder/photographer/appreciator-of-life. I look forward to every text from her cause I know a new adventure will soon follow. Here's a smattering of photographs from our shoots over the last 3 months. (Also photographed Garret Hill)

Chris + Alaina

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to photograph a wedding that really blows my mind, pushes away all my preconceived thoughts and routines of a typical wedding day and reminds me what love and joy and respect truly look like, especially on such a typically stressful day. I was incredibly honored when Chris and Alaina asked me to photograph their wedding. I'm so glad to call them friends and so glad to see them enter into this next chapter together.